Monday, November 14, 2011

How do I know that my target audience will enjoy the film?

I pitched my film to my media class who are all of a similar age to me and has a healthy mix of boys and girls. I asked them for their feedback one of the main feedbacks that I got was that they were unable to see how the film would unravel. Obviously this is a huge problem so I went back to the planning stage and worked out every single thing that I want to happen in each scene, this also made it a lot easier when it came to filming. Another criticism that I received was the fact that in my sample scene there was a lack of speech my class was unsure if my hole film was going to be speechless or not, this made me ask my self, do I want speech or not? And I decided that speech in my film is going to play a dominant role in different parts of my film. I was then asked about music from my film. For my film I decided that I wanted to compose my own music and write my own lyrics for my songs. I decided to write lyrics in both Tamil and in English I wanted to do this as I believe that it gives the film more authenticity. Both songs are about love, the lyrics can be found on my blog there is also a brief explanation of the Tamil lyrics as many people will not understand them. Whilst speaking to various people on a one to one basis I found that most of them liked the plot of my story but they needed more substance in the film. for example my original film idea said that the boy and girl get caught by a mothers friend but now the boy gets beaten up by the girls racist brother. As you can see there is a large increase in drama in my film now. By adding the brother it also enabled me to have a more diverse character base and experiment more. I believe that by using the criticisms that I got and continuing to speak to my peers whilst editing my film I will be successful in making a film that will be enjoyable for my target audience to watch.


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