Monday, November 14, 2011

How did analysing short films help me?

By analysing a various number of different short films I was able to get a feel for how they were made and different conventions that are used by short film directors. I was also able to see that many short film directors choose to do horror genre after finding this out I was determined to make a new story, a new concept that hadn’t been made before. I started looking into the subject of love and religion and the ways in which they can interlink, causing extreme problems in some cases. During my research I became more and more interested in the idea of ‘forbidden love’ and decided that was going to be the main theme of my story. To then further develop my ideas I researched about different religions and their beliefs on marriage into other religions.

6 Shot Analysis.

What different techniques have I seen in short films that I want to use?

During the film ‘LOVE LANGUAGE’ produced by jubileeProject the focus is on communication. As I watched the film it became evident to me that the communication must be crystal clear between characters on screen and the audience. So I decided to adopt the idea of them communicating through a written method as well as through verbal speech, but instead of the characters actually physically writing the text they type it through their phones. I chose this as mobile phones play a major role in teenage life and I wanted to try and portray teens how they are in real life.
I also learnt that the camera is my most powerful technique in itself by having well shot scenes with a variety of shots will convey the story across to the audience so if I was to add the sound and edit to the film hopefully the audience will enjoy the film and fully understand the film.
The sound in the film also plays a primary role. The sound in the film has to fit the mise en scen of the shot. If it doesn’t then there should be a reason why it doesn’t. For my film there will be diagetic (noise from an on screen source) and also non diagetic sound (music from an of screen source). Because my film is a love film I decided to make 2 love songs one in English and one in Tamil. I belive that the melodies of the songs help to convey the love feeling and the lyrics help to emphasise the facts of the film.

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