Monday, November 28, 2011

This is the trailer for the film 'Love Actually' again the first thing that we are introduced to are the film producers and films that have previously been produced by them. This will have the same effect on the audience as in VTV. For this particular trailer has a voice over man, his voice is very deep, i believe that his voice was chosen purposely as it is prominent and will stay fixated in the audiences minds. He first tells us about the season in which the film is set, Christmas, 'festive season' this gives the film a different feel completely. The genre is introduced as a festive romantic comedy. The music played in the background consists of bells, this emphasizes the festive nature of the film. For a radio advert sound will be a major factor to consider. To over come this issue I have asked a friend of mine to compose some slow mellow music for me. I will use this for my trailer to enhance  the atmosphere and give it a more 'lovey feel'.

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