Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Grade for evaluation: top level 2 11/20

Good first draft Shin - very nearly a level 3 but needs more depth in analysis. This is what level 2 looks like in the grading criteria:
Going through the criteria, here are your action points:
a) (Overall podcast) There are changes in environment during the recording which are noticeable and there are noticeable edits too in places.
b) (Question 1) You need to acknowledge the genre of your film and then discuss your film in relation to the conventions of the genre. "love" is not a genre. I would place yours as a drama and the theme of love is similar to other films so you can't claim it's new. But what you can do is emphasise the influence of Tamil a bit more here. You should also discuss how your narrative is conventional/unconventional in the sense of the beginning middle end (equilibrium). You should also discuss your wonderful work on the soundtrack here.
c) (Question 4) Be specific when discussing skills in the various stages of your project. Generalised comments don't get you marks. Reflect on your specific experiences with the technology.
d) (Question 2) The ancillary tasks to be discussed here are your poster and radio advert yet you don't reflect on them and how they support your film.
e) Again, general comments don't get marks. You need to pick out specific points from the feedback and discuss how they helped you think about and reflect on your work. You must also have detailed feedback on your final film from at least 2 people.
f) (Overall podcast) If you listen to a podcast like this one http://www.guardian.co.uk/film/audio/2011/dec/08/film-weekly-podcast-carol-morley you'll know they have an introduction and a context so a certain level of skill is required
g) (overall podcast) communication is not an issue because you are clear but what is a issue is the lack of depth in parts of your analysis

Friday, December 9, 2011

Shin's radio advert by simziie94

This is my radio trailer, i decided to write my own poem for the radio trailer as poems are associated with love and i thought that it would be good to challenge the normal conventions of a film radio trailer because you would normally have a voice over man speaking about the film with various sound clips from the film trying to entice the audience into watching it where as in mine you have the main character's voice reading the poem as if he was reading it to the girl this i believe has a better impact on the audience as it makes them feels like they are more involved with the trailer its self.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Forbidden Love first edit

Untitled from sim on Vimeo.

This is the first edit of my film. There are a few things that I would like to change, for example the title of the film is fuzzy this is very bad due to the fact it is the identity of your film and by having a film with a title that is fuzzy shows that you haven't taken care in the title so what can the audience expect from the film? another aspect of the film id like to change is the sound as some of the sound is too loud and some even doesn't play at the correct times, sound is plays a huge role in the whole of the film so if the sound is not playing in the correct places or cannot be heard it can change the feel of that particular scene. There are also a few scenes which i would like to refilm in either different locations or with different dialogue..
Scanned Notes
I decided to do my plans on paper because i find it easier to write whilst trying to create ideas. by planning i was able to gain a full understanding of what i wanted my film to be about and also allowed me to think of how i would execute this in a professional way whilst keeping the story interesting and also easy to understand.