Wednesday, November 30, 2011

How did analyzing film posters help me?
Whilst trying to design my film poster I found it incredibly difficult to visualize what it would look like. So in order to gain an idea of what type of structure I would be looking into I analyzed a few film posters. Whilst doing this I was able to identify various aspects that they had in common and which things differed from genre to genre. So now I had a list of the different conventions I was able to decide which conventions I wanted to follow and which ones if any I wanted to challenge. I wanted to have my poster in landscape format with a single image of the main characters from my film. I wanted to take a picture that would inform the audience of which characters are in which role in the film. At first I wanted to use afilm screen shot but I then decided it would be better if I was to go out and take a suitable picture. I drew up a design of the poster just to make it easier for me when I was putting it together on photoshop.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Vinnai Thaandi Varuvayaa (VTV)

This is the film trailer to the Kollywood film VTV. As soon as the trailer starts we are introduced to the producers name. I believe this is very important as it reminds the audience of other films that they may have seen and enjoyed that were produced by the same company. This could automatically give the audience an incentive to watch the film. After the producers name we can hear light mellow music starting to play with the main characters voice over the top. He starts by explaining the meaning of 'true love', this gives a great indication as to the genre of the film . From here parts of the story start to unravel, this gives bits away to the audience, just enough to paint a vague picture in their heads but not too much so they can piece the rest together. Finally the main character leaves us with the question 'why did i love Jessie' this leaves the audience confused and wanting to know what happens.

This is the trailer for the film 'Love Actually' again the first thing that we are introduced to are the film producers and films that have previously been produced by them. This will have the same effect on the audience as in VTV. For this particular trailer has a voice over man, his voice is very deep, i believe that his voice was chosen purposely as it is prominent and will stay fixated in the audiences minds. He first tells us about the season in which the film is set, Christmas, 'festive season' this gives the film a different feel completely. The genre is introduced as a festive romantic comedy. The music played in the background consists of bells, this emphasizes the festive nature of the film. For a radio advert sound will be a major factor to consider. To over come this issue I have asked a friend of mine to compose some slow mellow music for me. I will use this for my trailer to enhance  the atmosphere and give it a more 'lovey feel'.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Research and Planning grade: 13/20

To achieve level 4:
Label your posts correctly and put the reflections with the posts, not separately.
Upload a sample scene
Upload your pitch
Check your spelling
Reflect on your essay writing
For every post you must explain what the post it, why you did that piece of work and how it has helped you progress
UPload a section of the song via soundcloud and discuss royalties/copyright etc

Monday, November 14, 2011

Tamil lyrics for ‘Forbidden Love’

Aasai pennai unmela naan uyiraa iruntheen
Deavaithai pola unai partheen
Yellam vittu un pinale vanteen
(mansu muluka nee than yenga parthalum nee than)

Palikoodam poonaal yenaku padipu yeravilai
yen sinthanai mulka nee than yen pillai

unnai vital yenaku verai yarumee illai
nee yenaku sonthamagividu yenthan devadaii

ulagam neeyee yenthan vaalkaium neeyee
yenthan kadhlium neeyee pennai nee than yen uyiree
(intha ulagam alingalum yen kadhal aliyathe anbe)

Thaniya nadaka vittai yenai paithiyam aakivittai
yennai thaiya vittu yengae nee sendrai

ondrumatuum soluveenee unai theedi varuveene
unai matum thane naan kadhalipeenee

ulagam neeyee yenthan vaalkaium neeyee
yenthan kadhlium neeyee pennai nee than yen uyiree

manasu muluka nee than
paasam tharubavalum nee than
saagum varaikum naan ingee unakaaha kaathirupeen
unmai  sollavaa nee yenaku veenum maa
kadhal enbathu athu unkuda than amma

English Lyrics for ‘Forbidden Love’


Let me touch you like this. 
Let me take the friction from your lips.
And Ima love you girl. Ima love you. 
So why you doing this. I'll still pursue. 
Bring the Love baby, I can bring the pain. 
Bring the drugs baby, Stop me from going insane.
I've put my Heart right here. 
Whispers echoing in my ear.
What am I to do girl? What am I to do?


I want to rescue you. I want to Rescue you.
so tell me, tell me what i gotta do. 
I can be your superman, your superman
That must be the love talking, superhero's don't exist, damn.
Can I, can I rescue you. Can can I rescue you. 

I can see the tears running down your face. 
So many lonely Hearts sitting here in this bar, so why can't i take you out of this place?
Don't want to fade to quickly so let me sip this slow
I'm fading, I'm fading I'm about to go 
Liquor poured in, Truth poured out
I'm fucking serious, I'm fucking serious that's what i'm about.
All them broken hearts on the floor, all them broken hearts on that pole
That's that fake shit, That's that fake shit, get that out of my soul.
She touching me, it's all so familiar. 
Sins on sins im a believer. 

We still here and we still Breathin
That Heartbreak and that love is everything you believe in, i know.

What have I learnt about time management?

By setting myself deadlines to which I must complete certain pieces of work I was able to fully complete the work that I was meant to with out having do it all at once. I believe by doing this I gave myself ample time to go over and reflect on different parts of the coursework and change things that I didn’t like or knew that I could have done better. Even though I pre-planned there were still things that dragged me back slightly for example it was difficult for me to find a time where all the actors were free to film.

How do I know that my target audience will enjoy the film?

I pitched my film to my media class who are all of a similar age to me and has a healthy mix of boys and girls. I asked them for their feedback one of the main feedbacks that I got was that they were unable to see how the film would unravel. Obviously this is a huge problem so I went back to the planning stage and worked out every single thing that I want to happen in each scene, this also made it a lot easier when it came to filming. Another criticism that I received was the fact that in my sample scene there was a lack of speech my class was unsure if my hole film was going to be speechless or not, this made me ask my self, do I want speech or not? And I decided that speech in my film is going to play a dominant role in different parts of my film. I was then asked about music from my film. For my film I decided that I wanted to compose my own music and write my own lyrics for my songs. I decided to write lyrics in both Tamil and in English I wanted to do this as I believe that it gives the film more authenticity. Both songs are about love, the lyrics can be found on my blog there is also a brief explanation of the Tamil lyrics as many people will not understand them. Whilst speaking to various people on a one to one basis I found that most of them liked the plot of my story but they needed more substance in the film. for example my original film idea said that the boy and girl get caught by a mothers friend but now the boy gets beaten up by the girls racist brother. As you can see there is a large increase in drama in my film now. By adding the brother it also enabled me to have a more diverse character base and experiment more. I believe that by using the criticisms that I got and continuing to speak to my peers whilst editing my film I will be successful in making a film that will be enjoyable for my target audience to watch.

Film Poster Analysis 2
Film Poster Analysis 1
The Insane Final Ting.
10 shot ting

Why did I do a digital story board?

At first when I was told that we have to make a digital story board I was reluctant as I didn’t think that it would help me out in the planning of my film or shooting of my film. but after I had done it I realise how easily everything falls into place when things are planned properly, with just a little bit of effort along with the plan and a camera I was able to go to various locations and film the different components of my film without much hassle. 

How did analysing short films help me?

By analysing a various number of different short films I was able to get a feel for how they were made and different conventions that are used by short film directors. I was also able to see that many short film directors choose to do horror genre after finding this out I was determined to make a new story, a new concept that hadn’t been made before. I started looking into the subject of love and religion and the ways in which they can interlink, causing extreme problems in some cases. During my research I became more and more interested in the idea of ‘forbidden love’ and decided that was going to be the main theme of my story. To then further develop my ideas I researched about different religions and their beliefs on marriage into other religions.

6 Shot Analysis.

What different techniques have I seen in short films that I want to use?

During the film ‘LOVE LANGUAGE’ produced by jubileeProject the focus is on communication. As I watched the film it became evident to me that the communication must be crystal clear between characters on screen and the audience. So I decided to adopt the idea of them communicating through a written method as well as through verbal speech, but instead of the characters actually physically writing the text they type it through their phones. I chose this as mobile phones play a major role in teenage life and I wanted to try and portray teens how they are in real life.
I also learnt that the camera is my most powerful technique in itself by having well shot scenes with a variety of shots will convey the story across to the audience so if I was to add the sound and edit to the film hopefully the audience will enjoy the film and fully understand the film.
The sound in the film also plays a primary role. The sound in the film has to fit the mise en scen of the shot. If it doesn’t then there should be a reason why it doesn’t. For my film there will be diagetic (noise from an on screen source) and also non diagetic sound (music from an of screen source). Because my film is a love film I decided to make 2 love songs one in English and one in Tamil. I belive that the melodies of the songs help to convey the love feeling and the lyrics help to emphasise the facts of the film.

Media short film treatment

Media Treatment

About a girl Single shot analysis

Media Ting... About a Girl.
Analyse the Short Film Smashed

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Grade: 0/20 = U

Is this what you want me to mark for your A2 research and planning grade? Deadline was 7th November....