Monday, November 14, 2011

English Lyrics for ‘Forbidden Love’


Let me touch you like this. 
Let me take the friction from your lips.
And Ima love you girl. Ima love you. 
So why you doing this. I'll still pursue. 
Bring the Love baby, I can bring the pain. 
Bring the drugs baby, Stop me from going insane.
I've put my Heart right here. 
Whispers echoing in my ear.
What am I to do girl? What am I to do?


I want to rescue you. I want to Rescue you.
so tell me, tell me what i gotta do. 
I can be your superman, your superman
That must be the love talking, superhero's don't exist, damn.
Can I, can I rescue you. Can can I rescue you. 

I can see the tears running down your face. 
So many lonely Hearts sitting here in this bar, so why can't i take you out of this place?
Don't want to fade to quickly so let me sip this slow
I'm fading, I'm fading I'm about to go 
Liquor poured in, Truth poured out
I'm fucking serious, I'm fucking serious that's what i'm about.
All them broken hearts on the floor, all them broken hearts on that pole
That's that fake shit, That's that fake shit, get that out of my soul.
She touching me, it's all so familiar. 
Sins on sins im a believer. 

We still here and we still Breathin
That Heartbreak and that love is everything you believe in, i know.

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